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Dr. Lesia Kulbaba

Dr. Lesia Kulbaba is a General Dentist at the Grant Park Mall and Sargent Avenue locations of LifeSmiles Dental. She holds a Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree.

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Dr. Lesia Kulbaba, Winnipeg General Dentist

Meet Dr. Kulbaba

General Dentist | DMD, University of Manitoba

Dr. Lesia Kulbaba, BSc., received her Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree from the University of Manitoba in 1996.

Before joining our team in 2011, she owned her own practice and was head of the dental department at Seven Oaks General Hospital.

She is committed to serving her patients with a range of dental services at both our Grant Park and Sargent offices. Dr. Kulbaba is also one of the few dentists in Winnipeg who provide Fastbraces Technology to straighten and realign teeth.

She spends any and all free time with her daughter.

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