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Your Guide To Selkirk: The City Where It All Comes Together

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

A city with endless adventures, pairing vibrant events with a historical essence: Selkirk, Manitoba.

When you explore Selkirk you will be pleasantly surprised with an abundance of beautiful views and quirky attractions.

The city is a short drive from Winnipeg; you can take the scenic route and pass through Birds Hill Park or the slightly shorter route and pass through beloved towns/communities of Manitoba.

It might be an older and smaller city, but it plays a huge role in Manitoba.

Settlers first arrived in 1813, but it wasn’t until 1882 that the city was incorporated: an ode to Scotsman Thomas Douglas, 5th Earl of Selkirk.

Thoman Douglas was an ambitious settler and had a major impact on the Red River Colony. For that, Selkirk was named after him.

He would surely be proud that the city is now the centre of commercial fishing and water transportation on Lake Winnipeg.

If history sparks your interest, plan a day at the Marine Museum, it will provide great insight.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the catfish capital and the Selkirk gems that should be recognized and appreciated more throughout the province.

Locals gathering for an event in Selkirk, Manitoba on Canada Day.

The Top 3 Places To Try

Whenever you’re planning a trip or an everyday outing, where you’re going to eat is an integral part of the itinerary.

If you’re visiting a new place, you’re more inclined to pick a local establishment or a place that offers something unique.

It’s a bit more simplistic as a local; you’re looking for a good spot and a good meal.

Selkirk offers both.

Three 6 Tea: 351 Main St, Selkirk

The interior of Three 6 Tea's tea shop in Selkirk, Manitoba.

Three 6 Tea is a family-owned tea shop that offers to-go drinks, loose-leaf packages and accessories.

They may not offer food, but reasons to support this business are clear: they have a fundraising program, they’re locally owned and they emphasize wellness.

Tea from Three 6 Tea in Selkirk, Manitoba.

Since they’re a neighbour to LifeSmiles Dental Corp, we may be biased, but their location offers great advantages.

Right off of Main Street, it’s an easy stop for any type of travel. The cafe is super close to the river and is the perfect excuse for an afternoon walk.

Riverboat Restaurant: 366 Main St, Selkirk

Not sure if you want breakfast, lunch or dinner? Riverboat Restaurant is the place for you.

They have over 75 items on their menu, complete with an assortment of drinks.

If the substantial food options and their ability to serve the pickiest of eaters don’t entice you, choose them because they’re a Selkirk staple.

Serving the community for 40+ years; locals rave about their famous Liver & Onions. The city has even nicknamed the lounge The Boat.

Vinnies Hot Food: 420 Main St, Selkirk

Take away, catering, dining in; whatever your need is, Vinnies Hot Food has you covered.

You may have had Indian cuisine and plant-based dishes before, but we assure you, Vinnies Hot Food's flavour is on another level.

Their restaurant has been recognized by several local outlets and with 50+ Google reviews, they hold a 4.4-star rating.

It’s a safe place for vegetarians/vegans since they’re Whole Food Plant-Based and Plant Pure Certified.

This is a huge accomplishment!

They’re the first restaurant in Canada to be WFPB certified and the second restaurant in Canada to be PPC.

Fast Food Options in Selkirk

Looking for a quick bite? If you’re near our dental clinic, all of the popular fast-food options are nearby: KFC, Tim Hortons, Dairy Queen, Dominos Pizza, etc.

The Convince of a Small City: Nearby Stores

You don’t have to drive elsewhere for retail therapy. Everything you need can be found within the city.

Longing for a shopping haul? Looking for quick purchases in between appointments?

Packers understands the specific lifestyles each woman has; their customer service caters to individuals. Their sales reps will help you as much or little as you need.

They carry a diverse range of women’s apparel—you will find everything from outwear to business attire, classic pieces to eccentric patterns.

The exterior of Marks clothing store in Selkirk in Manitoba

For men, the go-to is Marks on Manitoba Avenue. We’re all familiar with their collection of workwear, outdoor gear, clothing, accessories, and everything in between.

Marks isn’t a local option, but sometimes a franchise just hits the mark (no pun intended).

The staff are pleasant, the store doesn’t lack inventory, plus they have extended hours.

Living in a small city has its perks; with a fast-paced society and pressure to accomplish as much as possible in a day, having stores/services near each other increases efficiency.

When you have a dental appointment at LifeSmiles Dental Corp, you can run to Scotia Bank, grab groceries at Red River Co-Op, grab a gift at Victoria's Flowers and Gifts, fill your prescription at Rexall, or service your vehicle at OnPoint Auto Service.

Quickly swing by before or after you visit your dentist and make it back to work without anyone noticing you're gone.

If you really want to be efficient, hit all of your basic health appointments in one afternoon:

Each service is less than 10-minutes away from each other. In other cities, it would take just as long to find a parking stall.

The city of Selkirk has many remarkable business owners that are passionate about their industry; their individuality is enough reason to visit and explore the up and coming city.

Just look at For Keeps Gift Store, you'll never find a replica of this gift shop that's been operating for 20+ years.

Same with, Wishme, it's a store that focuses on locally made, small batched items, but they also provide retail training for adults with intellectual disabilities.

One-of-a-kind places and easy transportation makes Selkirk the city it is.

Bird view of Businesses in Selkirk Manitoba

Things To Do and See in the City

What is there to do in Selkirk? From the annual events to the local bars to the sight-seeing attractions, it's easy to fill your days with local entertainment.

People shopping at an outside market in Selkirk, Manitoba

Selkirk Port D.O.G Days Market is an annual event that runs the last two Wednesdays in July and every Wednesday in August from 10 am – 2 pm rain or shine. It's a market full of local products, dogs, stage performers, and networking. It's perfect for families, single residents, businesses, and really anyone.

A crowd in front of the Waterfront Concerts in Selkirk, Manitoba

Another summertime favourite is the Waterfront Concerts. Sometimes they're from the boats of the Marine Museum and sometimes the performance is in front of the Water Tower. Either way, it's a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

A pug sitting on a floaty in a pool of water in Selkirk, Manitoba.

The residents of Selkirk are clearly dog people, they even host a K9 Swim and Splash event. It's pretty self-explanatory: dogs take over the swimming pool and live their best life. Main Street in Selkirk, Manitoba, is the home for numerous bars. If they're not on Main Street, they're just off of it.

The top bars in Selkirk are:

  • On The Rocks Bar & Niteclub: Open until 1 or 2 am, serving drinks/food specials, a VLT section, offering local entertainment. What more do you need?

  • Smitty's Family Restaurant and Lounge: A staple in Winnipeg, their franchise is just as popular in Selkirk. They hit all of the main points: daily specials, a lounge area, VLT's, plus they offer private bookings.

  • The Bronze Boot Tavern: This bar gives you all of the rock n roll feel with its artistic murals, grungy interior, pool tables, and patio area. The reviews rave about their food and drinks, specifically Caesars.

There are several sight-seeing attractions scattered throughout the city. Carrying a camera and exploring the city would make an enjoyable afternoon and you'd be surprised what you'd find.

  • Chuck the Channel Cat: We all know Chuck. If you don't know Chuck, you should meet the 11-metre tall catfish. The landmark is the town's mascot; signifying that Selkirk is the capital of Catfish across North America.

  • Urban Prairie: Get lost in the 3+ acre oasis; with over fifty different grass and flowering plant species, you will be wowed by the natural beauty.

  • Selkirk Lift Bridge: Being the last lift bridge in Manitoba, the mechanism is rare. Made during the Depression; it has a very controversial history. Residents wanted the bridge, but the provincial and federal governments were fighting over funding. The locals were so fed up they would use the bridge when it was unofficially opened.

With just over an 11,000 population, it's surprising that a city can have so much to offer, not only for locals but for tourists.

If you live in Winnipeg or a nearby town, the 40-minute (ish) drive is more than worth it. You can easily plan a day full of delicious meals, outdoor adventures and a lively evening.

A sunset shot of the Exterior of Marine Museum in Selkirk Manitoba

Where It All Comes Together

It's obvious Selkirk is an under-rated city and is overlooked by many.

Possibilities and opportunities have been brushed off, but local business owners have created a colourful environment.

The city intertwines history, opportunities and entertainment tastefully. As the city grows, the crime decreases, but the cost of living is maintained at an affordable level.

LifeSmiles Dental Corp is proud to have dentists serving the Selkirk community and a clinic that is centrally located for residents with all types of travel means.

If you require a dentist or a specialty dental service, we welcome you to fill out our new patient form.

Whether you're a patient or not, we love seeing and hearing about all things Selkirk; tag us in your next Instagram post!

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