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LifeSmiles Dental Guide: Things To Do In La Salle Manitoba

Updated: Jul 20

If you start driving south from Winnipeg’s downtown, you will pass through St Norbert and shortly, you will arrive at a sweet town named La Salle.

La Salle offers a country lifestyle with city conveniences; the town is quickly growing in size, and local businesses are starting to appear.

To put this into perspective, the population almost doubled from 2016 to 2021. As of 2021, the Census Profile reports La Salle’s population as 2,687, whereas City Population reported 1,589 people residing there in 2016.

Thats a huge jump in six years! But, a lot of people are opting for a more country lifestyle.

Knowing your neighbours brings great benefits. A Statistics Canada study confirmed that there is a positive relationship between life satisfaction and individuals’ feelings of belonging to their community and whether they know their neighbours. A country or small-town lifestyle brings just that.

With La Salle, you can experience the small-town joys of knowing your neighbours, participating in community development, and enjoying simple pleasures like walking near the river. Plus, the town still offers city conveniences like employment opportunities, nearby schools, and fun activities.

What’s it like Living in La Salle, Manitoba?

Many first-time parents and newly weds consider relocating to La Salle, Manitoba for the simplicity and benefits. 62% of La Salle’s 635 homes are occupied by couples with children, and only 6% are single-person households (as of 2016).

Conveniences are easy to find; many are on the main road, Rue Principale. LifeSmiles Dental Corp, Co-Op Food Store, La Salle River Inn, HomeStead Co-Op, and more are on this street alone.

You can find gas bars, La Salle Community Centre, La Salle Fellowship, and many other service providers are not far from the main road.

La Salle has many schooling options that are less than 30 minutes away: La Salle School, Vermillion Colony School, St. Adolphe School, etc.

Small towns rely on other small towns. You'll notice quite quickly that you will be frequently visiting neighbouring towns, whether it's for play dates, schooling, grocery shopping, fun activities, etc. Thankfully, they're a short drive away-less than it would take to drive from Charleswood to Polo Park.

The Top 3 Restaurants in La Salle, Manitoba

Obviously the food scene in La Salle isn't comparable to Winnipeg; with a population of less than 3,000, it just wouldn't make sense. But, there are a few gems in La Salle that are top-notch and always offer fresh, hot meals.

Sliders La Salle Drive-In Restaurant

Sliders La Salle has quickly made a name for themselves; many Manitobans are making the drive to check them out.

A drive-in restaurant works perfectly in a small town like La Salle. They have the population to support the business, but there isn’t a high enough demand to cause extreme wait lines or backed-up traffic.

Customers rave about their classic diner menu that includes burgers, poutine, fries, and milkshakes, plus they have a small vegan section. Pick up a hot meal from Sliders at 80 MB-247, La Salle, MB R0G 0A1.

Friendship Chinese Restaurant

Friendship Chinese Restaurant has an extended menu of authentic Chinese dishes, and their whole menu is almost under $10.

They hold a 4.2-star rating with over 40 reviews. A lot of the reviews talk about how kind the owners are, how tasty the food is, and the very retro decor of the restaurant. Although, most people choose take-out instead of dine-in.

It sounds like a delicious restaurant and is clearly a fan-favourite of locals. Find Friend Chinese Restaurant at 38 Rue Principale in La Salle. Their hours are 11 am - 8 pm daily.

Four dishes from Friendship Chinese Restaurant on a restaurant table. A bowl of rice in the middle of the four dishes. Meals include chicken, mixed vegetables, etc.

Roxys Restaurant and Lounge

Roxys Restaurant and Lounge is located in Oak Bluff, which is a short eleven-minute drive. This mother/daughter duo started as a drive-in restaurant but later relocated to a dine-in restaurant.

They offer take-out and dine-in, but it is roomier than other restaurants in La Salle. They have ample seating for families and groups. Sometimes, they have live music on the patio and even throw events like a Mothers Day brunch.

Roxys Restaurant and Lounge’s menu has local favourites, a poutine paradise section, hand-tossed pizzas, and classics like starters/salad/burgers/etc.

Their 4.4-star rating with over 400 reviews speaks for their menu. The reviews also include several photos of their delicious food. Check out this lively restaurant at 40 Hwy 3 in Oak Bluff, Manitoba.

The Top 3 Things To Do In La Salle, Manitoba

This small town is for nature lovers and explorers; it's full of natural beauty and scenic views, plus the nearby parks offer a great space for outdoor activities.

La Barriere Park in La Salle

Less than ten minutes from the central part of La Salle is a 323-acre park known as La Barriere Park. This massive park hugs the La Salle River and is amazing for outdoor activities.

During the summer, bring your canoe, wear your hiking boots, or plan to have a picnic. There are sports fields for outdoor leisure, and during the winter, it’s a great place for cross-country skiing. La Barriere Park is open year-round without admission.

Cormiers Berry Patch - Strawberry Picking

Going strawberry picking is a summer activity loved by many, and there’s a patch right in La Salle. People from neighbouring cities and towns love visiting Cormiers, but locals are lucky since it’s only a bike ride away.

Cormier's Berry Patch 10-acre farm has been open since 2005. Their season depends on weather and environmental conditions, but you can follow them on social media and watch their website for their next opening!

Strawberry picking from Cormiers Berry Patch. A hand holding a cardboard box full of strawberries. The box says "prairie fruit", "cormiers berry patch", and "local". It's being held over the strawberry farm.

Kingswood Golf and Country Club

Kingswood Golf and Country Club is an 18-hole par 71 course with three levels of tee difficulty. They offer seasonal memberships and even include a discounted family option. Join a league or choose their daily rate option for casual golfing.

Their location is ideal for weddings and large gatherings; they have seating for 225 people indoors and 384 acres of landscaped greenery edged with the LaSalle River.

They’re centrally located on HWY #247, less than a 10-minute drive from anywhere in La Salle.

Living a Small-Town Life in La Salle, Manitoba

LifeSmiles Dental Corp chooses our dental clinic locations compassionately. We want to make sure all Manitobans have a nearby dentist.

La Salle was one of our leading choices because it’s a growing town that prioritizes its community. We noticed limited dentists in the surrounding area, and we firmly believe everyone should have easy access to dental care.

Since opening our dental clinic, many LifeSmile Dental Corp dentists and staff members have come to love the small-town lifestyle.

We love hearing about all things La Salle; if you have an upcoming event or town announcement–tag us on Instagram or Facebook!

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