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Teeth Straightening Solutions That You Need To Know About

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

A typical oral health problem will be solved with your standard course of antibiotics and professional cleaning and restoration. But if teeth continue to decay; fillings and root canals are unsuccessful, then it’s time to talk to a professional about the next step. If your teeth have problems, it’s not enough to be proactive, they must also be treated. The most common treatment is a crown, and a custom-made crown is the best option. But what other options are available? Let’s find out.


Dental Invisalign is a popular modern teeth straightening solution

Dental Invisalign

With the Invisalign technique, the dentist makes a mold of your upper and lower teeth while they can still be straightened. This mold is then sent to a company in Canada that creates clear and at times, real metal Invisalign. These can be used to place the clear trays over your teeth. After you are no longer wearing the clear trays, the dentist will take them out and check to see that everything is still in place, and it needs to be. If you are happy with the placement, the dentist will check for gaps between your teeth or other problems. This technique takes 3 to 6 months.


This is one of the most preferred methods of correcting crooked teeth. This system is a popular way to straighten teeth because it is nearly invisible and it helps you overcome any self-consciousness of being judged when you smile.

There are no bulky wires, brackets, or uncomfortable devices to feel.

The only thing you get to see is your trays with your new teeth.

With this method, they usually don’t need to use a root canal before placing the trays on your teeth.

This option is a fairly quick process, usually requiring 4-6 weeks for full completion of the process.


Although this option is nearly invisible, it does have its limitations. Most patients end up having to adjust the trays because the teeth they end up with do not match the shape of the original teeth. Over time, the teeth will eventually settle, and they often end up having to make adjustments to the trays again.


Monomax Orthodontic Braces

Monomax Trays

The Monomax technique only has one component: orthodontic braces. You place the braces over your teeth, and the dentist takes an impression of the teeth to then create a customized bite to go over them. The dentist makes some slight adjustments to the bite on the first day and then starts moving the wire into place gradually during the next 8 to 10 days. The first set of braces could be kept on for about six weeks, and the dentist will make more adjustments if needed.


This method is very comfortable.

You don’t need to use any trays at all.

You can go to a single appointment to get this done, which is a definite advantage.

This option is one of the cheapest; it can run to $1,000 or less, depending on what the dentist charges.


This is a less common option for those with missing teeth. The only reason you’d use this method for teeth is if your teeth are extremely crooked or if the rest of your jaw is not a good fit for orthodontics.


Veneers are a popular for their customization.


Veneers are often used to hide the fact that a tooth was once a large filling. The dentist starts by removing the decayed portion of the tooth using a drill, and he prepares a new layer of the tooth to make a new outer layer. After that, the dentist applies a veneer over your tooth. This type of procedure would normally take 8 to 12 visits, depending on how complicated the situation is. Veneers are highly customizable. You could choose to apply them on one tooth, two teeth, or even several teeth.


This is the most popular way to add color to your teeth and usually will hide imperfections.

If the tooth is too high, too small, or not in place correctly, it can be repositioned during this process for a perfect new look.

It is a simple solution for missing teeth or teeth that are slightly crooked.


This option cannot be used for those with broken or chipped teeth.

This is a more serious technique because there is a greater risk of problems. Also, it is not easily reversible, and if there is a problem, you might have to do the procedure all over again.

A beautiful smile is a wonderful thing.


There are many teeth straightening solutions available to you. Please take the time to book a consultation with your local dentist to decide on a teeth-straightening solution that best fits your needs.

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