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LifeSmiles Dental Corp: A Guide to Grant Park, Winnipeg

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Grant Park is an overlooked neighbourhood in Winnipeg; many times, it’s grouped with River Heights or Fort Rouge. Which is understandable if you are comparing sizes, but Grant Park is a vibrant area boasting with businesses.

The actual boarder of Grant Park is: Grant Avenue to the north, Stafford Street to the east, the CNR Mainline to the south, and Cambridge Street to the west.

But, if you ask any local where “Grant Park” is located, they will direct you to Grant Park Mall, without realizing you asked about the neighbourhood, not the mall.

Luckily enough, the mall is the centre point of the area, but there are many amenities to check out. If you’re visiting LifeSmiles Dental Corp, we encourage you to explore the Grant Park community a bit more after your dentist appointment!

The Best Grant Park Restaurants

As locals and tourists know, Winnipeg’s staple is delicious food: with over 1,100 restaurants in the city, you will always find a satisfying meal.

Even with Grant Park’s small circumference, there are eight nearby restaurants (that offer dine-in) and not a single one has a Google rating under 4 stars—which honestly isn’t a surprise.

As you say goodbye to your dentist and walk out of LifeSmiles Dental Corp, there are three restaurants in sight.

Fionns Grant Park

With over 1,000 reviews and a 4.3-star rating, Fionns Grant Park has become a local favourite and an icon in the Grant Park community.

Fionns is technically a pub, but its family-friendly seating and inclusive menu make you think differently. Their menu offers vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, plus they’re easy-going about substitutes. The pub is so inclusive, even your dog is welcomed on their patio.

We highly recommend grabbing drinks and a bite when they host live music. Which is usually Thursdays, but you’ll want to double-check their online event calendar.

Beer Taps at Fionn's Grant Park, Winnipeg Location

Applebee’s Bar and Grill

Applebee’s is a family restaurant that specializes in standard American comfort food. You can see their spacious dine-in spot the second you leave the doors of Grant Park Mall.

Their whole theme is comfort: from large, homey booths to their signature carb-heavy sides—I mean, four-cheese mac and cheese, beer-battered onion rings, loaded mash potatoes?! Stay clear of this franchise if you've already had a cheat day. The appetizers alone will knock out your willpower.

Pony Corral Restaurant and Bar

Nearly 40% of the population is scared of the dentist and if you're one of them, hear us loud and clear: do not grab a strong drink before your appointment. We have sedation services that will do you justice.

Although, if it's not before or directly after your dental appointment, we highly recommend Pony Corral. Doubling as a restaurant and bar, there is no short supply of cocktails and full meals (no shade to pub snacks).

Before the pandemic, local musicians were fighting over the stage and hopefully, they will make a return soon! Thankfully, Sunday Night Cruise is still going strong: the parking lot is always packed with the most sought after vehicles.

Exterior of Pony Corral on Wilton Ave in Grant Park, Winnipeg. Brown building with a white sign that has red letters "Pony Corral". A green cowboys hat is on top of the sign. The front area is nicely landscaped with flowers, shrubs, etc., and faces the parking lot.

Grant Park Mall itself has 11 other food and beverage outlets. Fast food, healthy food, desserts, and coffee, it’s loaded with quick-bite favourites.

Pembina Highway is a 5-minute drive from Grant Park Mall and offers even more delicious food options. Just to name a few, there is Brazen Hall, Golden Elephant Vietnamese & Thai Cuisine, and Smittys Family Restaurant.

Nearby Shopping Outlets in Grant Park

Grant Park Mall is obviously the whole essence of the Grant Park area; with over 70 brand stores and service centres, it’s a one-stop-shop situation.

You’ve already booked time off for your dental appointment, you may as well get some shopping in right?

Clothing Stores

Who doesn't love switching up their wardrobe? What's a more perfect pass time when you have a frozen mouth from a dental treatment? There are not a lot of clothing outlets in the surrounding area of Grant Park, but the mall is a hotspot for local options.

Photo taken from the Bellissima lookbook: two women sitting outside near a campsite. Greenery and forrest is all around them. The first woman has short black hair, is wearing a pink hat, grey clothing and is holding a roasted marshmallow. The second woman is blond, is wearing a grey hat, wearing light clothes and is blowing on the marshmallow.

Bellissima has a sweet history in the fashion industry, starting with a wife and husband’s passion for importing.

Throughout the years they evolved into a women’s fashion store with shops across the country. They carry clothing, accessories, footwear, and even a clearance section. Chic, modern, quality, and perfect for women of all ages.

Lorenza Fashion is another great store for women’s fashion. With a more versatile collection, they carry sportswear, outwear, and casual business wear.

Winners is a fan favourite across Canada. Their discounted brand name selection is hard to avoid. Supporting local is always our suggestion, but there is no shame in hitting the discount racks. You’re still supporting local jobs, right?

Unfortunately, men have slim pickings at Grant Park Mall. Winners is the only retail shop that carries a selection for males.

General Retail Shops

Clothing aside, Grant Park also has everyday essentials. Purchase new windshield wipers, pick up a new book, fill your fridge and restock your makeup drawer all within a 10-minute air-conditioned walk.

Co-op Food Store is attached to the mall and has two entryways: from inside the mall and the parking lot. They have extended hours throughout the week and weekend.

For a larger selection of groceries and household items, Sobeys is a short drive/walk away. The location on Taylor Ave includes a pharmacy and a floral department.

Piazza De Nardi carries the freshest ingredients, baked goods, ethic food, a fully stocked deli section, a massive selection of wine, plus gift baskets for every occasion. They even offer catering services and wine tasting events. This shop is a local favourite.

A dark table with plates of food from Piazza De Nardi on it. A bouquet of red roses is to the side.

There are several other essential stores, but so here are the top places for the most common necessities:

Nearby Services

Society is fast-paced, work-driven and has a heavy pressure for multitasking. Before or after a dental service, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to cross off your to-do list tasks.

LifeSmiles Dental Corp is conveniently located near many service options. Perfect for a busy day and a long task list.

Cross-off stopping at your bank! Royal Bank of Canada is right off of Grant Avenue across from Grant Park Mall, there is also an ATM inside of the mall. Scotiabank is directly behind the mall on Taylor Ave. They offer a drive-thru ATM option as well as their normal in-person services. CIBC has a branch with an ATM option inside of the mall.

You can also cross off getting a fresh pair of glasses with Clear Eye Care, repairing your vehicle with Deco Windshield Repair, filing your taxes at H & R Block, dropping off your dry cleaning at Perth's Cleaners, and even topping off your phone plan at a TELUS kiosk.

Exterior of Grant Park Mall in Winnipeg: large grey building with a lime green sign feature, there is a Grant Park sign and a Winners sign below it. The entrance faces the parking lot.

Things To Do in Grant Park, Winnipeg

Grant Park has great entertainment options, especially for family outings.

Pan Am Pool is arguably one of the best pools in Winnipeg. Their recreation centre includes water fitness classes, a diving tower, and a walking/jogging area. No matter the season, it's perfect for a solo trip, hosting a play date or for a group outing.

GoodLife Fitness is a fantastic option for fitness activities. Hot yoga, group cycling, and strength building classes are only a few of their many offers. The only downside is that you have to commit to a monthly membership.

Entertainment Exchange isn’t a place you go to, to have fun, but you can purchase entertainment to bring home. Renting, trading or buying CD’s, movies, and records are all acceptable here. Their selection includes classics, newly released, and unique picks you’ve probably never heard of.

Need your child to stay entertained while you catch up on emails? Stop at one of the most sought after playgrounds, Jumpstart Playground.

Locals from surrounding neighbourhoods, near and far, pay a visit to Grant Park for this playground. It’s one of the only structures that is inclusive to all children of all abilities.

An accessible playground for kids: red padding as the ground, a grey play structure with a long ramp and tall umbrella. There are slides and other play areas.

Upcoming Events near Grant Park

A Guide to the Grant Park Neighbourhood

Grant Park is undoubtedly a very convenient Winnipeg location, specifically for families or those with busy lifestyles. Visiting the neighbourhood or mall, allows you to complete several tasks without the travel time.

All of LifeSmiles Dental Corp’s dental clinics are strategically picked. We understand that a dental appointment can seem invasive to your schedule, but with a bit of planning, it’s simple to make it worthwhile.

Let us know which errands you like to cross off your task list when visiting our Grant Park Mall location!

The interior clinic of LifeSmiles Dental Corp Grant Park Mall, Winnipeg: two receptionist desks with a wall water feature in the middle. On top of the feature is a small tv screen.

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