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LifeSmiles Dental remains dedicated to providing optimal care for every patient and working with you to achieve your oral health goals. We pride ourselves on helping you in any way we can and in providing high quality care. Please let us know if you have any questions - it will be our pleasure to help you!



Our friends are our patients - and our patients are our friends. That's why each patient is treated like family, because we hope you will become a part of our office family.

LifeSmiles Dental is proud of the services we offer, but more importantly, the way in which we offer them. We will always give you options that allow you to choose what course of treatment is best for you.

We want to make it easy for you to achieve the oral health you want, which is why we try to cover your entire wish list, even before you know what your wishes are.

LifeSmiles Dental is a large group office, and we teach and learn from each other, which makes it easy for us to stay up-to-date. We travel throughout North America to learn from the leading dental experts so that you always get access to the latest and the best treatments and techniques.



At LifeSmiles Dental, we are as concerned about the risk of infection as you are. Our sterilization takes place in a state-of-the-art, stand-alone sterilization centre.

Our dental instruments go through an entire process to ensure total cleanliness and sterility. First, the instruments go into the non-sterile collecting area. Here, they are scrubbed, then placed in an ultrasonic (high frequency vibration) solution to dislodge any loose particles. Then they are rinsed, dried and sterilized under heat and pressure in order to kill bacteria, viruses and spores. (The effectiveness of our sterilizers is monitored periodically by the University of Alberta). Once sterilized, they are stored in the sterile area, until needed.

All of the instruments we use, including hand pieces (drills), go through this process.

In addition, the room is sterilized by wiping down all the counters, handles and equipment between each patient.

All of LifeSmiles Dental's sterilization practices are current and follow both the Manitoba and Canadian dental associations' guidelines. If this is a particular area of concern for you, we would be pleased to show you our sterilization centre and how it operates. Simply contact us to schedule an appointment.

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