Oral Hygiene



Dental Hygiene Preventative Services from LifeSmiles Dental

Preventative maintenance is a proven method for reducing decay and periodontal disease and for promoting lifelong oral health regardless of age. LifeSmiles’ dental hygiene staff are dedicated to helping you and your family achieve optimum oral health by providing a variety of services.

It is recommended that children begin visiting the dentist for regular check-ups early in life. We encourage parents to bring children for the first check-up between the second and third birthdays, and to schedule the first visit with a dental hygienist for approximately 6 months after the initial visit. At these visits, your child's teeth will be checked for appropriate development and potential decay. In addition, the dental hygienist will perform a thorough prophylaxis, teach age appropriate oral hygiene techniques, and answer any questions that you may have regarding your child's oral health. We will also gladly see you and your child at any time during or after the eruption of the first teeth to address concerns or questions you may have regarding appropriate dental development.

At LifeSmiles Dental we take pride in the quality of our preventative services, developing a care plan for each person that is based strictly on the specific requirements of that individual. For many of our clients, a 6 or 9 month interval between hygiene appointments is sufficient for maintaining good oral health, particularly when paired with a thorough home maintenance program. In cases of periodontitis, a 3 or 4 month maintenance schedule may be required to maintain the teeth for the long term. Our practitioners will thoroughly assess your oral health in collaboration with your dentist on an ongoing basis in order to determine the best care plan for your situation.

In addition, LifeSmiles clients have the advantage of access to a periodontist, or "gum specialist", Dr. Reem Atout. Dr. Reem Atout works in collaboration with the dental hygiene staff and LifeSmiles dentists to provide services beyond those that are typically offered through a general dental practice. In this way, our clients have access to all the periodontal services required for lifelong maintenance of their teeth without ever having to leave the comfort of the familiar surroundings of our LifeSmiles Dental clinic.

Good oral health and lifelong retention of adult teeth is an achievable goal, thanks to the research and technology available to dental practitioners today. It is the goal of the LifeSmiles team to help you and everyone in your family to maximize the longevity of your brilliant smiles! Please contact us to schedule an appointment. Hope to see you soon!


Enhanced My Life

“I was nervous getting dental implants because I had lived with a gap in my teeth since I knocked out a tooth playing hockey when I was 19. At 55 it can be hard to make big changes. The staff made the process pleasant and dare I say enjoyable. I have my confidence back!”



Good oral hygiene consists of daily brushing and flossing of the teeth and cleaning the gums and tongue, combined with annual checkups performed by your dentist.


Proper dental hygiene not only helps you to avoid tooth decay, bleeding gums and oral infections, but also can provide general health benefits. Especially for those who have risk factors, such as diabetes or heart problems.


Sugar is one of the leading causes of tooth decay. Avoid sugary foods and drinks, and choose foods such as cheese, fruit, nuts and vegetables instead.

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