Jay's Journey



Follow along with us as we work with Jay to give him the smile he’s always wanted. This Journey will show you what you can expect when you trust LifeSmiles with your oral health. From easing your nerves and anxiety so you can fall asleep in the chair, to giving you the smile you can be proud of. Let the journey begin!














0:00: Jay - Speaker 1: “Hey guys, whats up? My name is Jay and I have a jacked up smile. Uh for anyone under the age of 50, a jacked up smile means it sucks. Uh I got teeth that are turned to the side, they’re kind of yellowy. I mean they’re not terrible, but they’re definitely not as good as they could be. My teeth are not the best teeth they could be.” 0:22: Jay - Speaker 1: Light background music playing. 0:24: Jay - Speaker 1: “So Lifesmiles is going to be fixing my face. This will be awesome. I'm very excited! I went for my first initial consultation yesterday and found out that I have 2 cavities for the first time in my life.” 0:42: Jay - Speaker 1: “So they’re going to be giving me the cleaning, they’re going to be fixing my teeth, you’re going to get to witness me get a root canal. Which I don't really know what a root canal is. But all I know is while I was getting my appointment everybody was rooting for me to get a root canal because evidently nobody likes me.” *Laughs* “So I uh, so I get to get a root canal and then I'm getting braces and I'm getting teeth whitening. Everything that can be possibly done to teeth, is getting done to this mouth right here." 1:07: Jay - Speaker 1: “And I'm going to document it all so you can see 2 things. The first is that the Lifesmiles team are awesome. They’re also comedians. They’re also great people and I'm excited to have them do this because I’ve been to some dentists and, uh, it was kind of like going to a little bit of a production factory. Being pushed in and out as fast as you can. Lifesmiles takes their time and they take care of the patient. So thats really cool, uhm, and then the other thing you’re going to see is that dentist aren't scary. You know, I uh, went in there and I know a lot of people that are terrified of the dentist. And I uh, I have not gone to the dentist as much as I probably should have in my life. So uh going in I was like I wonder what people are so scared about and leaving Im still wondering what people are so scared about.” 1:57: Jay - Speaker 1: "So you’re going to see my whole process. Right from the initial consultation all the way through to this smile actually looking good. Because I never smile with my teeth, uh, but I will be after this. And uh you’re going to also see how awesome they are. So follow me on my journey on Lifesmiles instagram, facebook, and pinterest." 2:17:
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0:02: Receptionist - Speaker 1: “Welcome to Lifesmiles.” 0:04: Jay - Speaker 2: “Hey I have an appointment my name is Jay” 0:06: Dentist - Speaker 3: “Oh hey Jay.” 0:06: Jay - Speaker 2: “Hey” 0:07: Dentist - Speaker 3: “We’ve been waiting on you. How are ya?” 0:09: Jay - Speaker 2: “Sorry for the wait” 0:11: Dentist - Speaker 3: “Any issues going on right now with any of your teeth? Any concerns?” 0:13: Jay Speaker 2: “Toothache. Right here.” 0:14: Dentist Speaker 3: “Right there” *Muffled talking and agreeing* 0:16: Dentist Speaker 4: “Has this been going on for a while?” 0:18: Jay Speaker 2: “A couple of months. It comes and goes.” 0:20: Dentist Speaker 4: “Yeah it refers down often, often times.” 0:21: Jay Speaker 2: “Okay” 0:22: Dentist Speaker 4: “It feels like it’s down here.” 0:24: Dentist Speaker 5: “I’ll talk you through it. Super super easy.” *Muffled talking. “It’s like a weighted blanket. You’re just going to bite right here for me. Okay, little stretch on your cheek.” 0:35: Dentist Speaker 4: “Okay Jay. I found the uh problem that you’re having. I see your pain” 0:37: Jay - Speaker 2: “Okay, do I need a root canal” 0:39: Dentist Speaker 4: “You do.” 0:40: Jay - Speaker 2: “What?!” 0:42: Dentist Speaker 4: “..Take this.. We’re going to book you in for a root canal treatment. Like we discussed.” 0:45: Jay - Speaker 2:
“Okay sounds good.” 0:46: Dentist Speaker 4: “Alright!” 0:48 Light music playing in the background.


0:00: Jay - Speaker 1: “Hey guys, what's up, Jay here. This is my second appointment with Lifesmiles dental and this is the root canal appointment. Soo pumped.” 0:07: Jay - Speaker 1: “Uh let's see. Some people have acquitted it to a walk in the park and some people acquitted it to they rather be lit on fire than get a root canal. So I have no idea what to expect. I'm not doing any oral sedation or any kind of yeno calming before this. Well I did a little meditation this morning just so yeno. Make sure I wasn't so nervous. But I'm getting a root canal. I got 2 cavities they’re going to do it today. Then I'm going to continue on with my dental journey. Im going to go into Lifesmiles here Grant Park right now.” 0:32: Dr. Helewa - Speaker 2: “Hey Jay!" 0:33: Jay - Speaker 1: “Hey hows it going.” 0:34: Dr. Helewa - Speaker 2: “Good, good, how are you?” 0:35: Jay - Speaker 1: “Im alright.” 0:35: Dr. Helewa - Speaker 2: “You’re here, alright.” 0:36: Jay - Speaker 1 and Dr. Helewa - Speaker 2: *Muffled laughing* 0:39: Dr. Helewa - Speaker 2: “Welcome back, so today we’re going to do a root canal and a filling for you on your molar on the top left. Have you had a filling before?” 0:46: Jay - Speaker 1: “Nope, I’ve never had anything substantial.” 0:51: Dr. Helewa - Speaker: *Muffled agreeing/acknowledgment* “You can look at this as just getting a fancy filling. So uh, we’re gonna remove the sick part of the tooth. Which is the part of the part you use to chew. But also the nerve in the tooth; that's what is giving you pain. We’ll remove that so you don't get pain anymore and we’ll rebuild it nice and strong for you." 1:13 Light background music playing over clips of the dental procedure. 1:22: Jay - Speaker 1: “Okay, so I just finished my root canal. My mouth is a little, still, numb so I might look and sound funny. But uh it was definitely not similar to being set on fire. Not even a little bit. It doesn't really feel painful. Just a little uncomfortable at times, but for the most part it’s like uh.. I fell asleep for a little bit so that must say something. So uh everybody that was trying to freak me out, because I'm pretty sure that's what you were trying to do - you did a pretty good job, but it was nothing. It was a walk in the park just like the doc says. So uh again, I'm still trying to figure out why some people are scared of dentists. Doesn't make much sense to me. Everything is always a delight when I come to Lifesmiles." 2:03
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0:00: Dr. Helewa Speaker 1: “So today it’s Jay’s third appointment with us. We are going to put a crown on the tooth we did a root canaled last time. So the crown is a protective cover for the tooth, that is pretty much the same shape as the original tooth, but it’s a very strong material. Uh, the tooth gets a bit weaker when we root canal it. Cause we take some tooth away to get into the tooth. So this just gives it back the strength we need. So we get the tooth prepared to receive the crown. Jay will leave her with a temporary crown. Uhm, which will hold on really well until we can see him next week to get the permanent one cemented in.” 0:41: Jay Speaker 2: “Okay so, I had my appointment with Dr Helewa and got my temporary crown. Next appointment I'm getting my permanent crown, the crown I was always met to have. And, I uh, got my root canal now, got rid of 2 cavities, uh got my initial consultation, I'll be getting a teeth whitening, I will be getting a cleaning, I will be getting braces or invisible line. I'm basically getting that everything that can be done to this mouth. Will be happening. I'm pretty excited. Uhm so, going through this journey with lifesmiles, I learned 1 very important thing and that is I shouldn't have been scared of dentists my whole life. It's actually a pretty fun and easy experience. Full crown next appointment and all of the rest in the future. And I hope you’re enjoying this look and I am hoping it’s making you feel a little less nervous about going to the dentist.” 1:22:
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More video transcripts coming soon!