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Do you suffer from elevated levels of anxiety or stress when you visit the dentist’s office? Does this make you want to avoid the dentist altogether?

If you answered “yes” to either or both of these questions, you may be a candidate for IV sedation dentistry. LifeSmiles Dental Corp specializes in treating patients who have extreme fear of dental procedures and who experience high levels of anxiety at the thought of a dental visit, whatever the root cause might be.

Our goal is to provide you with the dental care you need with a minimum amount of emotional trauma. IV sedation dentistry is primarily used for moderate to severe dental procedures such as wisdom teeth pullings, however it can be used in cases where patients experience anxiety and fear. With the use of a dentist-supplied moderate IV sedative, patients can finally get the care they require. This sedation won't put you to sleep, but you will be sleepy with your eyes closed, and will be able to respond to questions from the dentist. You won’t remember the procedure as the sedation has an amnesia effect.

While under IV sedation you will feel completely relaxed and carefree, but will remain responsive if spoken to loud enough under moderate IV sedation. You will be asleep under the higher IV sedation and may only respond to touches. We take care to monitor your vital signs during the procedure, but once the dentist completes his work, you will have no memory of what was accomplished.

IV sedation dentistry is safe, easy, and effective and allows nearly any patient to tolerate dental procedures that would otherwise be problematic. Don’t let a bad experience in the past prevent you from receiving the dental care you need today! IV sedation dentistry can help you to achieve your goal of complete dental health.

Woman in the process of her tooth cleaning

Anxiety No More

“The IV sedation service does exactly what it’s supposed to. I don’t even remember the dentist working on my teeth.”


See our FAQ page for more information.

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