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Little girl sitting in dental chair with mouth open while dentist looks at teeth

Child & Family


LifeSmiles Dental Corp offers dental care for every member of the family starting from that first tooth. From braces to dentures, we offer treatments for every need in a relaxed environment, including the highest quality paediatric dental care.


LifeSmiles Dental wants to make every visit to the dentist fun for your children because their early impressions of their experiences will last for a lifetime. We strive to create a comfortable dental environment that inspires trust!


We have many approaches to your child's dental growth and development and our goal is to heed off any potential oral health problems before they occur. With the use of routine check-ups, we can ensure that their teeth and gums stay healthy all through their formative years.

Usually we see your children when they reach 3 years of age, unless you see something that concerns you before that time. At age 3, the first experience is designed to be very easy and fun; we give them a ride in the chair and a prize for being a good helper. We may or may not even look at their teeth. If they are ready and co-operative, we will, but we don't force anything. Usually we find that if children go away with a positive experience, they won't be afraid to let us look next time.


As stated above, our primary goal with children is to use preventive techniques to eliminate problems before they occur. One of the best examples of this is sealing children's teeth. Most of us have fillings on the top surface of our back teeth because the deep grooves of the back teeth are difficult to clean. This part of the mouth is by far the area most susceptible to decay. A sealant fills in the deep grooves, making them easier to clean. Like most things, sealants have changed over the years. In the past we simply painted a plastic covering over the deep grooves of the teeth. The shortcoming with that method is that there usually is already plaque or small areas of decay in the groove of the tooth. The sealant won't stick to those areas and falls out, allowing decay to progress.

To learn more about our family dental practices, or to schedule an appointment for yourself or a member of your family, please contact our office.

Mother, father and young duaghter all brushing their teeth

Family First

“My child was terrified of the dentist. It was always more than a chore to get her to sit still for a check up. At LifeSmiles, the staff took the time to make our daughter feel comfortable and relaxed. Dental check-ups are now a breeze!”


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